Véronique Blanchard

Véronique Blanchard

Talk Title: Serum N-glycome – a biomarker for ovarian cancer diagnosis

Véronique Blanchard studied Chemistry in Toulouse (France). Thereafter, she joined the laboratory of Prof. Kamerling in Utrecht (the Netherlands) for her PhD studies in Bio-Organic Chemistry. In 2006, she joined the Institute of Laboratory Medicine of the Charité Medical University in Berlin (Germany) for a Post-Doctoral position in glycan analysis. In 2007, she became the leader of the research group “Tumor Diagnostics” and in 2013 the leader of the research group “Glycodesign and Glycoanalytics”. Since 2016, she has been a Junior Professor in Glycomics at the Charité Medical University.

Ovarian cancer (OC), the sixth most common cause of cancer deaths in women, is frequently diagnosed at a late-stage. Current diagnostic methods of OC show only a moderate sensitivity especially at an early-stage of the disease. Therefore, better biomarkers are needed to improve the diagnosis of OC.
In this work, N-glycans were released from serum proteins, permethylated and measured by MALDI-TOF-MS. Serum glycome modifications observed in OC patients by MALDI-TOF-MS could be combined as a glycan score named GLYCOV that was calculated from the relative areas of the 11 N-glycan structures that were significantly modulated. GLYCOV showed an improved sensitivity and specificity at any stage of the disease and an improved discrimination between malignant and benign ovarian tumors, which is of high relevance to clinicians as it is challenging to diagnose malignancy prior to operation (1,2). The glycome of ascitic fluid also showed typical features of inflammatory conditions (3).

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