Tomas Joos

Tomas Joos
Talk Title: Immunoassays in Multiplex for Biomarker Discovery and Validation
Dr. Thomas Joos joined 1998 the NMI at the University of Tuebingen heading the department of biochemistry. Since 2013 he is the deputy managing director of NMI. His research is focused on miniaturized multiplexed immunoassays for biomarker research and diagnostic applications. Dr. Joos studied Biochemistry at the University of Tubingen. He performed his Ph.D. degree in 1985 on integrin‐alpha5 during early embroygenesis of Xenopus laevis in the laboratory of Prof. Peter Hausen at the Max‐Planck‐Institute of Developmental Biology.
Dr. Joos is a member of the editorial board of Drug Discovery Today, Proteomics, Molecular Biotechnology and Expert Review of Proteomics. He is a member of the scientific advisory board of the “Plasma Proteome Institute” Washington, DC, USA, of the “AlbaNova VINN Excellence Centre for Protein Technology (ProNova)” at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, and of Myriad‐RBM, Austin, TX, USA.

Bridging the Gap in Oncology Diagnostics: Converting Omic Data into Clinically Relevant Assays
Array-based assay systems allow the analysis of hundreds of molecular parameters in a single experiment. Within the last decade protein microarray technologies achieved robust analytical performance and enable to screen for a multitude of parameters using minimal amounts of sample material.
There are a variety of technologies and methods available to address assay requirements in terms of covering analyte concentration, sample variety and sample origin. An overview of classical and emerging immunoassays ranging from sandwich-, mass spectrometry-, bead array-, and digital array-based immunoassays will be presented. Advantages of the different methods will be demonstrated by addressing biological issues for serological screening approaches and drug-induced injury biomarker research, toxicology and oncology.