Sponsored Lunch Symposiums

Monday 18th September


Biomarkers in Ovarian Cancer from SWATH maps of clinical samples

Tuesday 19th September


The Future of High-Throughput Human Plasma Proteomics

Proteins from the blood circulatory system are indicative of the health status of an individual. Blood plasma is the most frequently used biological sample in clinical research and routine laboratory diagnostics. Changes in composition of proteins and/or their quantities in the blood can be correlated to disease onset or therapy response. Only monitoring the levels of major blood proteins simultaneously makes it possible to recognize the “Big Picture” and explain the ongoing pathological processes in the body.
Mass spectrometry based proteomics is an established technology for quantitative monitoring of plasma proteins. Recent advancements in mass spectrometry technology enable the quantification of plasma proteomes in a high-throughput mode of hundreds or even thousands of samples.
This lunch symposium will be focused on applications of different proteomics workflows for large-scale plasma sample studies.

Prof. Manuel Mayr, King’s College London: Plasma Proteomics in Epidemiology: are we really measuring the correct apolipoproteins for cardiovascular disease risk assessment?

Dr. Roland Bruderer, Biognosys AG:High throughput, single shot plasma proteome profiling on a robust capillary flow setup


Robust Front-End Solutions for Clinical Proteomics

Evosep develops new solutions to make clinical proteomics 100 times more robust and 10 times faster. We are targeting the growing need for throughput with robust solutions for clinical and large-scale proteomics.

Matthias Mann: Perspectives of clinical proteomics for precision medicine and the resulting demands on front-end separation for mass spectrometric analysis.