Scientific Programme

Through a series of plenary and parallel session the Scientific Programme
will cover the following themes

‘Breaking barriers: Innovations in Proteomics’
‘Beyond Big Data’
‘Proteomics in the Future of Effective Healthcare’

‘A bright future: empowering early career Scientists’
‘Building Local and Global cross-sector Partnerships’
‘Towards personalised proteomics’

The individual Congress Topics will include all the HUPO initiatives

Human Plasma Proteome Project
Human Liver Proteome Project
Human Brain Proteome Project
Human Antibody Initiative (HAI)

Proteomic Standards Initiative (PSI)
Human Disease Glycomics / Proteome Initiative (HGPI)
Kidney and Urine Initiative (HKUPP)
Mouse Models of Human Disease (MMHD)

Cardiovascular Initiative (CVI)
Proteome Biology of Stem Cells Initiative
Disease Biomarkers Initiatives (DBI)
Initiative on Model Organism Proteomes (iMOP)

Session tropics will include

Advances in quantitative proteomics
Top-down proteomics and macromolecular complexes – structural proteomics
Glycomics and biopharmaceuticals (or could be separate sessions)
Post-translational Modifications and Signal Transduction
Chemical Proteomics
Proteogenomics and integrative biology
Microvesicle and Organelle Proteomics

Protein Biomarker Discovery and Delivery
Single cell proteomics
Proteomics of Model Organisms
Spatial and interaction proteomics
Computational proteomics; big data analysis and biostatistics
Food and plant proteomics
Cancer Proteomics

Obesity and related metabolic disorders
Inflammatory and rheumatic disease
Proteomics of tropical diseases
Cardiovascular proteomics
Proteomics of infectious diseases
Pharmcoproteomics and toxicoproteomics
Screening for performance enhancing protein drugs
Therapeutic protein analysis

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