Mentoring Day

Mentoring Day, Dublin, Sunday September 17, 2017 (a collaborative work of ECR, YPIC, EuBIC)

“On how to create and realize your scientific vision”

In a fast-paced environment, it’s often easy to neglect professional growth and development. The annual one-day workshop during International HUPO 2017 is an intensive and interactive meeting designed to provide and practice helpful tools to the early career proteomics researchers for a more effective career development plan. Get re-energized at this workshop and receive invaluable advice and tips to realize your vision including time management, manuscript writing, grant writing, industrial collaborations/job opportunity, giving and receiving feedback and work-life balance. Everyone is welcome at the Mentoring Day, scheduled for Sunday, September 17th 2017 at HUPO Dublin.

This is a joint initiative of ECR, YPIC and EuBIC. Check out the June HUPOST for more details:

Registration Fee: €90


Early Morning Session (9.15-10:45AM)

Creating your scientific vision and the importance to transmit and communicate your vision and your goals


Leroy Hood: Developing your scientific vision, path to it and consequence of it


Panel discussion on experience from different science career paths on how it was to concretize your vision (“senior scientist” experience). What does “future in academia” actually mean?

  • Experience from Academia (Nicki Packer, Thomas Joos, Jennifer Van Eyk)
  • Experience from industry (Delanghe, Bernard (Thermo Fisher), Christine Miller (Agilent))
  • Experience from bioinformatics (Juan Antonio Vizcaíno, Lennart Martens)

Coffee break


Late morning Session 11.00-12:45

How to establish your project in the era of big collaborative science?


David Harrington, Bernard Kuster: “How to Collaborate — and How Not to: How not to be burned with collaborator”

  • Think wisely before choosing the “right” collaborator
  • Thinking logically, not emotionally
  • How (and when) to take sides and still be a good collaborator
  • Building bridges instead of burning them



Michel Hill, Andrew Pitt, John Yates: ” Editor and reviewer highlight the ingredients required for a “great manuscript”?

Lunch break


Brain Storming/Round Table Session 14:00 -15:30

  • How to follow your vision?
  • What you need beyond your profession to succeed and how to balance this?
  • Open data in modern science.


Happy Hour 

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