Mentoring Day

Mentoring Day, Dublin 2017 (a collaborative work of ECR, YPIC, EuBIC)

“On how to create and realize your scientific vision”

Self-advertisement of the three groups (5 min of presentation, each)

  • EuBIC: who are we? Our resources
  • YPIC: who are we, how to contact, join us?
  • ECR – Vision and Mission


Early Morning Session (9.15-10:45AM)

Creating your scientific vision and the importance to transmit and communicate your vision and your goals

Lecture 1: Developing your scientific vision, path to it and consequence of it

Duration: 20min presentation+10 min questions
Organizer/moderators: ECR

Lecture 2: Panel discussion on experience from different science career paths on how it was to concretize your vision (“senior scientist” experience). What does “future in academia” actually mean? etc.

    • Experience from Academia
    • Experience from industry
    • Experience from bioinformatics

Duration: 40 min
Organizer/moderators: ECR, YPIC, EuBIC
Potential speakers:


Late morning Session 11.00-12:45

How to establish your project in the era of big collaborative science?

Lecture 1: How to Collaborate — and How Not to: How not to be burned with collaborator

  • Think wisely before choosing the “right” collaborator
  • Thinking logically, not emotionally
  • How (and when) to take sides and still be a good collaborator
  • Building bridges instead of burning them

Duration: 20 min/10 min questions
Organizer/moderators: YPIC, ECR
Potential speakers:

Lecture 2: 1. Seasoned editors highlight the ingredients required for a “great manuscript”?

Duration: 20 min presentation/10 min questions
Organizer/moderators: EuBIC,
Potential speakers: Susan Weintraub


Brain Storming/Round Table Session 13:30 -15:30

  • How to follow your vision: Academia – choosing a postdoc position (PDF) – PDF (young and advance) and their experience (Career Paths Within Academia. Based on 3 articles:
    A).” Advancing in Industry: Choosing Among Many Paths”,
    B) “Six early career researchers reflect on their”.
    C) “The Postdoc Experience: High Expectations, Grounded in Reality”)
  • What you need beyond your profession to succeed and how to balance this.
  • Open data in modern science.

Duration: 90min
Organizer/moderators: ECR, YPIC, EuBIC
Potential speakers:

Happy Hour Session

Apero riche to continue informal discussion before opening of the congress

Registration fees will be annouced shortly