Larry Gold

Larry Gold

Talk Title: Medical and Biological Insights Derived from SOMAscan


Dr. Larry Gold is the Founder and Chairman of the board, and Past CEO of SomaLogic. Prior to SomaLogic, he also founded NeXagen, Inc., which later became NeXstar Pharmaceuticals, Inc. In 1999, NeXstar merged with Gilead Sciences, Inc. to form a global organization committed to the discovery, development and commercialization of novel products that treat infectious diseases. Before forming NeXagen, he also co-founded and served as co-director of research at Synergen, Inc., a biotechnology company later acquired by Amgen, Inc.
Since 1970, Dr. Gold has been a professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder. While at the university, he served as the chairman of the Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology Department from 1988 to 1992. Dr. Gold has received many citations including the CU Distinguished Lectureship Award, the National Institutes of Health Merit Award, the Career Development Award, and the Chiron Prize for Biotechnology.

Medical and Biological Insights Derived from SOMAscan

Larry Gold
Boulder, Colorado USA

We have spent nearly twenty years developing a rapid proteomic scanning platform (called SOMAscan) that currently quantifies more than 5,000 human proteins simultaneously, and which will eventually scale to the entire human proteome (~20,000 unique proteins). The current median limit of detection for SOMAscan is 40 fM, and the platform is run with neither depletion nor chromatography. SOMAscan has an average CV of ~5% for the 5,000-plex. To date, we have analyzed more than 125,000 samples derived from human serum, plasma, urine, and tissue extracts, and we have begun to build a series of insights into biology that could alter the ways we think about maintaining health and wellness.

I will share some of those insights today. I will also provide some new information on SOMAmers, the protein-binding reagents that make SOMAscan so powerful. I will show that SOMAmers are capable of extraordinary discrimination individually and in the full assay, where they are able to quantify proteins in the presence of other nearly identical proteins (e.g., GDF-11 and GDF-8). Finally, I will talk about ways that clinical researchers can access this powerful technology through collaborations with SomaLogic.