The Human Proteome Project (HPP) Workshop will share views of the relevant highlights of the Congress, including the Mon-Wed HPP Track and the Bioinformatics Hub serving all registrants, then conduct deep dives into the plans and progress of the Next50 Missing Proteins Initiative, the organ-specific Popular Proteins Initiative, and the MS-PTMs developments.

HPP Post-Congress Workshop participation fee – €55

TimeTHURSDAY (9/21/2017)
O’Brien Centre for Sciences
University College Dublin
George Moore Auditorium
08:30-09:30Highlights from the Sunday Investigators meetings and the Congress
(moderated by Mike Snyder; all)
09:30-10:30 Status of the Missing Proteins Next 50 Challenge
(Overall and all Chr teams), after teams report on Sunday
10:30-11:00Coffee Break
11:00-12:00Organ-specific Popular Proteins (and Popular PTM-Proteins)
Liver (Corrales), CVD (van Eyk), brain (?), kidney (?Yamamoto)
12:00-13:00Lunch and informal discussion
(or working lunch with SSAB?)
13:00-14:30 A Deep Dive on PTMs

• 1300-1340 New Classes of PTMs: Functional Characterization, and Databases - Sue Weintraub, Intro; Yingming Zhao (crotonylation and related); Jenny van Eyk (citrullination); Hongxiu Yu (succinylation); Ping Xu (ubiquitination)
• 1340-1400 New MS Approaches for Detection of PTMs: Nesvizhskii/Kong, Moritz/Kusebauch
• 1400-1430 Panel on Future
Directions: Albert Heck, Young-Ki Paik, Cathy Costello, Pengyuan Yang
14:30-15:00Timetable for Deliverables

• Status of JPR 2017 special issue/high-impact articles: on line as accepted, release in Nov/Dec 2017
• Other significant publications
• 2018 baseline metrics: PeptideAtlas 2018-01; neXtProt 2018-02
15:00-15:30Evidence of Translation Products from IncRNAs or smORFs
Zhang/Wang, Deutsch, Lane
Light Reception and conclusion

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