HPP Investigators Meeting

The investigators of the HUPO global Human Proteome Project will hold their annual working meeting to assess progress on the major components of the Project: chromosome-based teams, biology and disease-based teams, and the resource pillars for antibody profiling, mass spectrometry, and knowledge bases. Initiatives to complete the “protein parts list” and to apply targeted proteomics to organ-specific biological studies will be highlighted. Interested registrants at the Congress are welcome.

HPP Investigators Meeting participation fee – €45

HPP Workshop Plans in Dublin

TimeSUNDAY (9/17/2017)
O’Brien Centre for Sciences
University College Dublin
Room 1Room 2
08:00–09:00B/D-HPP EC MeetingC-HPP EC Meeting
09:00–09:30Coffee & Tea
09:30–10:00Greetings / Introduction HPP Overview
Gil Omenn
10:00–10:30C-HPP session
Young-Ki Paik, Lydie Lane and Chris Overall
TAMPA Action Plans (MP50, Bioinformatics, MP Functional Study)
10:30–11:00B/D-HPP session
Jennifer van Eyk/Fernando J. Corrales
Coffee & Tea available in hall, no break time allocated
11:00–11:20Pillars session 1. Knowledge base Eric Deutsch/Lydie Lane
(15 mins plus 5 mins Q&A)
11:20–11:40Pillars session 2. Capture reagents-HPA Jochen Schwenk
(15 mins plus 5 mins Q&A)
11:40-12:00Pillars session 3. Mass spectrometry Sue Weintraub
(15 mins plus 5 mins Q&A)
12:00–12:30Boxed Lunch: take lunch and return
12:30-13:30SAB Panel about Progress and Future Directions for SAB (members to be invited) Q&A
13:30–16:00B/D HPP workshopC-HPP workshop
13:30-14:00Popular Proteins13:30-14:30 PIC Meeting
14:00-14:15Eyeome 14:30-15:30 New Team’s Plan
∙ Chr 3: Takeshi Kawamura
∙ Chr 6: Christoph Borchers
∙ Chr19: Sergio
∙ Chr21: Albert Sickmann
∙ Chr X: Yasushi Ishihama
14:15-14:30Mitochondria15:40-16:00 Cross chromosome strategies
14:30-14:45Muscle skeletal
15:00-15:15Extreme conditions
15:45-16:00Rheumatoid diseases (new)
16:00Plenary session
New Technology & Resource Sharing session across
B/D and C-HPP
17:00Shuttle transfer to CCD for Opening Plenary and Welcome Reception

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