Hanno Langen

Hanno Langen

Talk Title: Application of Proteomics Technologies in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Hanno Langen’s research is focused on the pharmaceutical and diagnostic application of proteomics in the field of Biomarker discovery and validation. The special interest lies in moving protein biomarkers from discovery into clinical applications. He established the proteomics unit at F. Hoffmann La Roche in Basel Switzerland. He is teaching in addition to his position in the pharmaceutical industry as professor at the University of Basel and Bern. Hanno Langen is a senior Editor of the Proteomics Journal and founding members of the Human Proteome Organization.


Proteomics technologies can be used in several key aspects of modern drug development:

• to identify drug targets after phenotypic screens
• to provide biomarkers and diagnostic tests
• to provide better, safer and more efficacious treatments
• identification of pharmaco-dynamic markers

Several examples in this context will be presented. Antibody based and Mass spec based technologies are key for the major Proteomics applications. One example will be chemical proteomics which is a mass spectrometry (MS)-based, affinity chromatography approach that uses immobilized small molecules as bait to capture and identify interacting protein complexes from an entire proteome. This technique has been successfully applied, for exercises such as exploring their mode of action, and on natural products for target identification. A new area is targeted quantitative proteomics using the SRM approach. I will show examples where we were we applied a 250 plex quantitative assay in neuronal stem cells. The discovery of biomarkers and the validation of them in clinical samples – and the hurdles to overcome this issue will be presented.