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Juan-Pablo Albar Proteome Pioneer Award

With this award EuPA intends to honor a person with a leading and long-standing involvement in the promotion of the principles of sharing and integration of resources for the development of excellent research in the Proteomics field. The award is established in memory of Juan-Pablo Albar who died 2014 at a tragically young age. He was renown within our Community for the promotion of relations between laboratories, both at the national and international level.

EuPA is looking for nominations of candidates who have made longstanding contributions to EuPA, and thus have been integral to the success of its mission. EuPA would like to award a scientist or technologist who has demonstrated a deep interest in sharing resources and has achieved significant contributions to the EuPA organisation.

The prize will be awarded at the annual EuPA meeting or an annual National EuPA member meeting. Nominee will be gathered from the Presidents of the EuPA Constituent Societies (nominate only one candidate and this candidate must be from a foreign Society.
Based on this initial indication the EC will draft a shortlist of 3 candidates between those who have received the highest number of preferences. The shortlisted candidates will be asked for their availability of receiving the award during the next EuPA-HUPO Conference. Formal support letter from the National Society of affiliation of the candidates will be gathered, such a letter should report the commitment of the nominees in the development of community based activities within the National organization.

Shortlisted candidates, passing the above-mentioned prerequisites, will be evaluated for a second round within the EuPA GC. The winner will be the person with the most votes. In the event of a tie, the candidates with the most votes will enter a second round. In the event of a second tie the EuPA Executive Council will vote a winner.

The winner will be honored first with a formal acknowledgement of his scientific achievements and merits which will be published in the EuPA Journal “EuPA Open Proteomics” together with a review and/or perspective contribution from her/him . Secondly, as an integral part of the prize, she or he will receive the second part of the prize: 5 000 Euro.

The Juan Pablo Albar Award is only made possible by generous sponsorship from Elsevier.

June 30th gathering of names from National societies
1th July, Release of the Short list
15th July election round
September/October 2017 Presentation of the award

Karl Mechtler,
Coordinator EuPA Educational Committee,

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