Dining and more in Dublin

Dublin is now proud to call itself a Foodies heaven.

The city is crammed with award winning and critically acclaimed restaurants which place an emphasis on fresh local produce. Dublin is a city easy to navigate on foot and explore the city’s food culture.

There are just too many great restaurants for us to be able to list them all and instead we will direct you to some of our favourite listing sites so you can peruse for yourself. If you are still stuck and can’t decide please do come and visit us at the registration desk and we would be happy to help point you in the right direction and make a booking for you also.
Likewise your hotel reception staff will do the same.

Visit Dublin

The home of the Dublin Tourist Board, this site contains info on pretty much everything the city has to offer so it is useful for planning what to do as well as where to eat!
For those trying to squeeze a dining experience into a short space of time we would recommend doing a Dublin Fab Food Trail

Lovin Dublin

This is a site popular with locals, it has restaurant listings, reviews and blogs on what’s new and happening in the city. A good place to start!

Dine in Dublin

This concept started out as an annual festival for foodies but has now developed a blog site which runs all year round and has some great tips on where is good to eat.