Core Facilities Workshop

Core Facilities Workshop

9:00 – 14:30, Sunday 17 September 2017

Location: O’Brien Centre for Science, University College Dublin

Chairs: Garry Corthals and Irena Dapic

Organising Committee

Garry Corthals, Irena Dapic, Alina Astefanei (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands) and Christoph Borchers (University of Victoria, BC, Canada)


Most universities and research institutes nowadays require a large number of core facilities and resources to support their life sciences research and innovation ecosystem. As proteomics continues to grow, so does the effective integration and running of these facilities. There are numerous application areas where such facilities are nestled, whether these be in hospitals or chemistry departments.
Maintaining in-need services, financial viability and promoting the facilities in an academic environment can be challenging for core facilities. This pre-conference workshop will review and discuss the many topics related to running and maintaining core facilities for proteomics
in these challenging financial times.

9:00 – 9:15 Garry Corthals & Irena Dapic
Overview from the day and attendees: a class introduction

9:15-10:00 Gyorgy Marko-Varga
Evolving facilities – from MS to Biobank facility

10:00-10:30 Breakout: Questions and coffee

10:30-11:15 Sanjeeva Srivastava

Setting-up and maintaining Infrastructure
– Sustainability models
– Funding of facility
– Pricing of services
– Collaboration vs. fee for service (co-authorship vs. $$$), etc. (I can help here)
– Client/collaborator relationship (Is this applicable to you?)

11:15-12:00 Andre LeBlanc

Working in the facility
– Developing and maintaining SOPs
– Developing protocols with collaborators
– Payments, contracts, agreements
– Tracking core-contributed publications

12:00-13:00 Breakout: Questions and Lunch

13:00-13:45 Felix Elortza & Garry Corthals

Introducing ProteRed Furthermore discussions on

– Overview of types of facilities
– Links with other facilities
– Setting national and regional budgets
– QC, LIMS and project management systems, SOPs
– Identifying your research community


– Careers within facilities
– PhDs within facilities
– Guest researchers

13:45-14:15 Garry Corthals & Irena Dapic
Wrap-up and closing remarks from the floor