Cecilia Lindskog

Cecilia Lindskog

Talk title: Integrated omics for tissue-based mapping of the human proteome


Dr. Lindskog is a researcher and group leader at Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden. Her research is focused on protein science, understanding the biology and functions of different organs, and the underlying mechanisms leading to cancer and other diseases. She has a Doctor of Philosophy in pathology from the Faculty of Medicine, Uppsala University, and joined the Human Protein Atlas already in the early stage of the project, more than 10 years ago. Since 2014, Dr. Lindskog is director of the Human Protein Atlas Uppsala site. Her team creates a world unique atlas of spatial proteomics, showing the cell-type specific localization of all human proteins in a large set of normal and cancer tissues. Dr. Lindskog also has experience in the biotechnology industry field, from a Marie Curie fellowship at OncoMark Ltd., Dublin, Ireland.


The tissue-based map of the human proteome, generated by the Human Protein Atlas project, focuses on an integrated omics approach for in situ detection of human proteins down to the single cell level. Genome-wide mRNA expression data from three different sources is comprehensively summarized on the interactive webpage and used for categorization of all human genes based on expression level and tissue distribution. The analysis is combined with tissue microarray-based immunohistochemistry, and a large effort is put into extended antibody validation strategies. Recent advances include expansion of the tissue repertoire in the quest for identifying the missing proteins, and in-depth analysis of cell-type specific expression patterns. One such example is expert annotation of all testis elevated genes, to stratify protein expression at various stages of the seminiferous cycle during spermatogenesis.